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Study On Initial Public Offerings And Going Public Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

[Synopsis: This is a 4 page research paper, written in APA format discussing the type of IPO that E-bay should use to take Skype public. This is based on the type of investors Skype is likely to attract, lessons learned from Google and Morningstar from their auction IPOs and the cost and risks of each of the two types of IPO. The paper further describes the steps that a firm must take in order to go public, identifies success factors for a firm making the IPO decision and discusses and analyzes the different types of IPOs. The paper relies on 5 sources.] Abstract Initial Public Offerings transforms a privately owned company to a public one with an onset of a new trading opportunity. Several steps should be taken for a company to realize successful IPO, starting with the companys registration with Securities and Exchange Commission. IPO offers companies an opportunity for growth and expansion through gaining access to public capital market that has no interest charge . There are several types of IPO, the common ones being the traditional IPO and the online auction. Companies like Google and Morningstar that utilized online auction initially encountered opposition but eventually succeeded. This paper discusses the IPO method that Skype should employ in its IPO venture, and gives benefits for companies considering IPO as well as IPO steps to be taken. The Type of IPO That E-Bay Should Use To Take Skype Public E-bay should use online IPO auction instead of the traditional IPO to go public. This is because unlike the traditional IPO which is limited to a few investors, calls for an underwriter and sets the price of IPO based on companys anticipated capital as well as the amount of shares to be offered, online auction gives an opportunity to a large number of people to participate in the auction and limits the number of middle men thus cutting down on the cost involved in IPO as well as the final IPO price (Stock Market Investors, 2008). Going by the case of Google, whereby the initial investment return was lower than anticipated Skype is projected to increase its revenue by more than double and therefore should the company encounter lower investment returns than projected, it will easily accommodate the changes. Furthermore, such low investment returns would only be for a short period of time and returns would increase as the company provides people with more auction details and use of capital during the auction process. This method was used by Google with some initial resistance but was eventually successful (Hensel, 2005). Since Skype is a well known company that is widely used internationally, it can easily increase publicity on its online auction through advertisement to attract more investors and increase its sale of shares to compensate for the initial low investment returns. Furthermore, the beneficiaries of subsequent price appreciation for the online auction would be the initial investors and co-founders of Skyp e instead of favored clients of investment bank as is the case with the traditional IPO (Carter, 2005). This means that the initial mispricing in online auction would indirectly benefit the company. As Hensel (2005) highlights, Morningstars public auction was a total success, with 8.4 percent increase on the first trading day. Given the fact that online auction is an upcoming IPO method and people may not have sufficient information on its benefits, it should be given a chance, probably with some amendments such as modifying the quiet period, it will completely overtake the traditional IPO method. The Steps that a Firm Should Take in Order to go Public Initial Public Offerings transforms a privately owned company to a public one with an onset of a new trading opportunity (Stock Market Investors, 2008). The first step that a firm should take in order to trade publicly is to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). This is followed by preparation of public offering which includes companys prospectus alongside other legal documents required by Securities and Exchange Commission (Stock Market Investors, 2008). The next step after registration with SEC is to set the price of the stock. The company enters into contract with investment bank, signing a contract to facilitate distribution of shares that it intends to sell, agreeing on initial price at which the stocks will be opened for sale, based on companys earnings or potential earnings and growth as well as considerations for markets willingness to accept the set price (Stock Market Investors, 2008). This is followed by the first offers which are usually offered to major broker clients by the companys underwriters. The broker clients then offer the stock bundles to their major institutional and retail customers (Stock Market Investors, 2008). In this chain, each participant gets his own share of profit such that by the time it is the final investors turn, the final price is higher than the IPO. Success factors for a firm making the IPO decision Any firm going for IPO gets an opportunity for growth and expansion through gaining access to public capital market that has no interest charge because the only reward that IPO investors seek is appreciation of their investment and dividends (Sutton and Benedetto, 1988). Sutton and Benedetto (1988) further explain that the company making an IPO gains increased credibility which may lead to new opportunities, exposure to new customers and room for expansion. Furthermore, the publicity associated with IPO may also generate increased business attention in business press resulting to enhanced credibility for the company with its customers, suppliers and lenders resulting to improved credit. The company going public is able to use stock creatively as incentive packages for its management and employees. This enables the business to attract better management talent, providing its employees with incentives to perform better. In addition, employees who become part time owners through a stock plan may gain motivation by sharing companys success (Sutton and Benedetto, 1988). IPO provides the company with public valuation, making it easier for the company to enter into mergers and acquisitions because it is positioned to offer stock instead of cash (Sutton and Benedetto, 1988). Types of IPOs Brealey, Stewart and Franklin (2008) discuss different types of IPO. One type of IPO is the plain vanila IPO which is undertaken by private companies to secure additional funding and determine its fair market value. A venture capital- backed IPO is another type of IPO in which the company management sells its shares to private investors in return for funding and advice. It is an effective scheme for venture capitalists to implement their exit strategy after successfully transforming a firm in which they invested so that it is financially viable in the market (Brealey, Stewart and Franklin, 2008). Reverse-leverage d buyout is another type of IPO whereby the proceeds of the IPO are utilized in paying out debts accumulated when a firm is privatized after a previous listing on an exchange. A spin -off IPO is the type of IPO whereby a large company carves out a stand-alone subsidiary and sells it to the public. It provides firm owners with an opportunity to capitalize mispricing in both subsidiary and parent if the market is not efficient enough. Other types of IPO include; regulation A Offering, which allows public issuance of securities without registration with SEC. Regulation A only requires an offering statement to be filed with SEC after which advertisements may be made without making any purchases until the statement filed is approved by SEC. Regulation A offering may be used to determine if there is any interest in contemplated securities offering. This type of offering is only available to non-public companies and may be used to raise up to five million USD in any 12 month period, with o nly $1.5 coming from sale of shares (Brealey, Stewart and Franklin, 2008). Direct Public Offering is the type of IPO whereby the company raises its capital by marketing its shares directly to its own customers, employees, suppliers, distributors and friends in the community. These are alternatives to underwritten public offerings by securities broker dealer firms where a companys shares are sold to brokers customers and prospects. Direct public offering is less expensive than IPOs because companies sell their offerings without brokers, hence no commissions are involved. The best candidates for DPO are companies seeking expansion capital (Brealey, Stewart and Franklin, 2008). Conclusion IPO offers a firm an opportunity to increase its revenue and increase its popularity with the public. The type of IPO venture chosen by the company is important because it determines the companys level of success in the venture, hence a wise decision should be made, based on the amount of capita l that the company intends to raise and planned expenses for the venture. Traditional IPO is popularly used although with increasing internet technology, online auction may gain popularity and overtake the traditional IPO.

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Romanticism And Romanticism - 1304 Words

death to millions in religious wars. Also, the wide availability of knowledge was made possible through the production of encyclopedias, serving the Enlightenment cause of educating the human race. The Enlightenment is thought to have ended with the French Revolution, which had a violent aspect that discounted it in the eyes of many. Also, Immanuel Kant, â€Å"who referred to Sapere aude! (Dare to know!) as the motto of the Enlightenment, ended up criticizing the Enlightenment confidence on the power of reason. Romanticism, with its emphasis upon imagination, spontaneity, and passion, emerged also as a reaction against the dry intellectualism of rationalists.†15 The Enlightenment profoundly influenced the world of art giving the medium a†¦show more content†¦It preferred the medieval rather than the classical. It was mostly a reaction to the Industrial Revolution, aristocratic social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment, and the scientific rationalization of nature, all components of modernity. It was embodied most strongly in the visual arts, music, and literature, but had a extreme impact on historiography, education, and the natural sciences. It had a significant and complex effect on politics, with romantic thinkers influencing liberalism, radicalism, conservatism and nationalism. However, the sufferings of the families and individuals began to run their course as more and more people began tuning into the corruption of their government and the brainwashing they were trying to impose. ______________ 17. McCoy, Claire Black, Dr. Romanticism in France. Khan Academy. Accessed November 06, 2017. 18. Ibid. Rebellious works in art started showing in the works of artists that came to call themselves realists. 19 One such realist, Gustave Courbet, was considered important to the emergence of Realism in the mid-nineteenth century. Rejecting the classical and theatrical styles of the French Academy, his art insisted on the physical reality of the objectsShow MoreRelatedRomanticism : Romanticism And Romanticism1444 Words   |  6 PagesRomanticism was a period time 1750 to 1870 in Europe, Latin America and The United States. Romantic Movement didn’t reach to France until the 1820’s. Romanticism main spirit was against of rule, law and formulas that classicism the different characterized of general in 18th century. Imagination, Subjectivity of approach, freedom, Expression and the idealization of nature will be focused in movement of Romantic Literature. In this period industrial revolution with the social and political norms formRead MoreRomanticism : Romanticism And Romantic ism1141 Words   |  5 Pagesmovements. Although Romanticism and Modernism differ in their styles, values, and ideology, they were both important periods in literature. Romanticism was a literary movement during the late 18th century until the early 19th century that had an emphasis on the imagination and emotions. The movement moved through every country in Europe, Latin America, and the United States from approximately 1750 to 1870. However, France did not see the movement until the 1820’s. Romanticism was basically a rebellionRead MoreRomanticism Vs. Romanticism : Modernism And Romanticism1050 Words   |  5 Pagesor what does it take to better the society? Well, the Europeans had adapted the Neoclassicism and Romanticism form of art belief, in order to find the answers that they were always looking for. Neoclassicism is the principal of logically viewing life in a mathematics and rational level, especially when it comes to solving worldly issues and it’s expressed through art and literature. However, Romanticism believe in the beauty of art, faith, and rely on intense emotions for judgement. Firstly, the societyRead MoreRomanticis m : The Era Of Romanticism1810 Words   |  8 PagesThrough the late 1700s and early 1800s, the period of Romanticism blossomed. â€Å"Romanticism† very loosely describes the era in which modern culture began to take shape. During the Romantic era, many advancements were made in all aspects of people’s lives and cultures. One aspect in particular has held great value even to this day. That aspect being the expansive amount of literature created during the era. The era of Romanticism had its name for a reason. It can be greatly attributed to the romanticRead MoreRomanticism1649 Words   |  7 PagesRomanticism in the Nineteenth Century The Romantic period followed the era of logical, philosophical, and social movement in the 17th to 18th century. However, as the 19th century began, Romanticism came into the light with a new perspective that intrigued the people. It stressed emphasis on emotions and imagination while also helping to realize the importance of self-expression. The American Romanticism movement illustrated inspiration, bias and predominance of individuals in the nineteenth centuryRead MoreRomanticism Essay833 Words   |  4 PagesRomanticism Soaked in sweat, I finally finished a mile run around the neighborhood. While grasping for air, my neighbor Kayla must have noticed that I took my daily run. She decided to bring me a bottle of water and converse a little while. One of the things we discuss was how I have been up multiple nights reading for all four of my classes that I have been taking this semester. Kayla was very shocked that I decided to enroll in British literature knowing that I strongly dislike the language differenceRead MoreDark Romanticism1392 Words   |  6 Pages4. Define â€Å"Dark Romanticism† as you understand it by discussing two works by different authors. Account for the rise of this kind of writing in America and evaluate its appeal and significance then and now. The Dark Side of Romanticism Romantic literary texts focus on the expression of emotion. Authors during the Romantic period developed and integrated the idea of the individual being the main focus in life. Romantic authors focused on the individual being at the center of their own happiness andRead MoreRomanticism And The Enlightenment1286 Words   |  6 Pagesgrowing, which emphasizes the scientific, practical evidence and rational thinking. Romanticism questioned the rationality of the truth of the road, that understanding the great mystery of life is not enough. These mysteries can be found with emotion, imagination and intuition. Nature is especially considered a self-discovery and spiritual learning classroom, the mysterious place can reveal the human mind. Romanticism emphasizes a life full of deep feelings, spirituality, and freedom of expression,Read MorePuritanism And Romanticism1825 Words   |  8 Pages There have been three major influential movements in American history—Puritanism, Rationa lism, and Romanticism. Each occurring during generally different time periods, they produced a number of different types of literature reflecting their beliefs at the time. The Puritans, being some of the first settlers in modern day America, relied heavily on beliefs they brought with them from the Church of England. Rather than simply being followers of their prior Church, Puritans believed in the Church asRead MoreRomanticism Essay1493 Words   |  6 PagesRomanticism Romanticism is a movement in the arts that flourished in Europe and America throughout much of the 19th century from the period of the French revolution in 1789. Romantic artists’ glorified nature, idealized the past, and celebrated the divinity of creation. There is a fundamental emphasis on freedom of self expression, sincerity, spontaneity and originality. The movement rebelled against classicism, and artists turned to sources of inspiration for subject matter and artistic

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Gender Roles And Power Issues - 2393 Words

A fresh university graduate looks for a job in the journalism industry. A number one fashion magazine in New York provides this opportunity as an assistant to the editor. The experience completely flips her life around, and changes not only her appearances but also starts affecting her personal relationships. The end of the film sees the character move away from the fashion industry and into a traditional newspaper agency. The two main characters present in The Devil Wears Prada are the fashion editor, Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, and the assistant, Andrea Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway. There sub-characters such as Andrea’s boyfriend, Andrea’s father, and Miranda’s husband that play key roles in both Andrea’s and Miranda’s†¦show more content†¦Gender stereotypes â€Å"reflect percievers’ observations of what people do in daily life† (Eagly and Steffan, 1984) and remain if perceivers continue to observe a certain group engaged in specific activities, which then turn into assumptions that the group is able to perform such tasks. When it comes to gender roles, Heilman (2001) suggests that there are two roles that either gender can possess, agentic or communal. Agentic behaviour is usually associated with men, and portrays the idea of being achievement orientated and taking charge (Solomon, Bamossy, Askegaard, and Hogg, 2013). Additionally, leadership and manager attributes such as, problem solving, risk taking, and being active are associated with an agentic, masculine figure (Heilman, 2001). Women, on the other hand, show communal attributes that are associated with care taking, helpful, and relationship orientated. Sczesny’s work (2003) introduced the common assumption that managerial positions are male dominated, â€Å"think manager – think male†, and crisis situations are associated with females (Haslam Ryan, 2007). An issue that many women still face in the corporate world is the glass ceiling NEED TO EXPAND Power and gender are common topics in movies and is especially prevalent in The Devil Wears Prada (Lee, 2006). The character of Miranda radiates power and Cunneen (2006) sees Miranda as a figure of

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The Jeffersonian Republicans And Federalists Essay

By 1817 the great American experiment was in full swing. America was developing into an effective democratic nation. However as the democracy continued to grow, two opposing political parties developed, the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. The Jeffersonian Republicans believed in strong state governments, a weak central government, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. The Federalists saw it differently. They opted for a powerful central government with weaker state governments, and a loose interpretation of the Constitution. The seemingly solid divide between Federalist and Republican would begin to blur during the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. For, neither Republican president was able lead†¦show more content†¦As his presidency continued Jefferson began drifting further away from the original ideals of the Republican Party. His decisions no longer reflected a strict interpretation of the Constitution, but resembled the loose c onstruction of the Constitution employed by the Federalists. When he made the decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory in 1803, effectively doubling the territory of the USA, he loosely interpreted the Constitution like that of a federalist by working around the Constitution. No where did the Constitution state that the president had the power to make such a purchase, but by using the â€Å"necessary and proper† clause as a loop pole he made the purchase. He went against his party doctrine of strict interpretation in order to expand American domain and to protect the US from the threat of a resurgent France. Another show of Republican movement away from being strict constructionist was when Jefferson passed The Embargo Act of 1807, which banned all foreign exports. Supported by Document C, the Embargo Act was extremely unpopular with the American public. No where in the listing of the presidential powers did it state that a law such as the Embargo Act could be passed. Whe n Jefferson passed this Act,Show MoreRelatedThe Jeffersonian Republicans and Federalists1211 Words   |  5 PagesThe Jeffersonian Republicans and Federalists By 1817 the great American experiment was in full swing. America was developing into an effective democratic nation. However as the democracy continued to grow, two opposing political parties developed, the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. The Jeffersonian Republicans believed in strong state governments, a weak central government, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. The Federalists saw it differently. They opted for a powerfulRead MoreThe Fears Of The Federalists And The Jeffersonian Republicans852 Words   |  4 Pagesgovernment. This issue divided the people into two groups, the federalists and the Jeffersonian republicans. Alexander Hamilton led the federalists and Thomas Jefferson led the republicans. These two important men in history would later show how the challenges of becoming a new nation. In this essay I will be analyzing the ideas of Linda K. Kerber’s â€Å"The Fears of the Federalists,† to Drew R. McCoy’s â€Å"The Fear s of the Jeffersonian Republicans.† Furthermore, comparisons will be made about both essays toRead More Jeffersonian Republicans Vs. Federalists Essay1176 Words   |  5 Pagesnation, many changes occurred. As the democracy began to grow, two main political parties developed, the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Each party had different views on how the government should be run. The Jeffersonian Republicans believed in strong state governments, a weak central government, and a strict construction of the Constitution. The Federalists opted for a powerful central government with weaker state governments, and a loose interpretation ofRead MoreFederal Constitution Essay1186 Words   |  5 Pagesthe newly founded democracy were two conflicting parties. On one side was the Jeffersonian Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson himself and later on by James Madison. Those who composed this legislative faction tended to believe in strong state govern ments, a feeble central government, and a rigid interpretation of the constitution. Opposing the Jeffersonian Republicans were the Federalists of America. The federalists craved for a mighty central government with less powerful state governments, andRead MoreCompare And Contrast Jeffersonian Federalists And Hamiltonian Government1575 Words   |  7 Pagesviews of government and economy. After America achieved independence from Great Britain in 1783, the fledgling nation needed its people to guide it towards a firm and steady future. The two political parties — the Hamiltonian Federalists and the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans — under their respective leaders Hamilton and Jefferson, each had a differing vision for the nation’s future, planting the seeds of new political parties for generations to come. While Hamilton preferred less individual andRead More Federalists VS Jeffersoneans Essay710 Words   |  3 PagesFederalists VS Jeffersoneans With respect to the federal Constitution, the Jeffersonian Republicans are usually characterized as strict constructionists who were opposed to the broad constructionism of the Federalists. As history dictates, this is found to be substantially accurate. Federalists were firm believers in the production of a strong central government and a broad interpretation of the Constitution. However, the Democratic Republicans believed that the government should followRead More Jeffersonian Republicans Essay730 Words   |  3 PagesJeffersonian Republicans With respect to the federal constitution, the Jeffersonian Republicans are usually characterized as strict constructionists who were opposed to the broad constructionism of the Federalists. To what extent was this characterization of the two parties accurate during the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison. Before 1801, the Jeffersonian Republicans were usually strict constructionists of the constitution. However during the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison theyRead MoreCapitalism And A New Social1038 Words   |  5 PagesCapitalism and a New Social Order- The Republican Vision of the1790’s Joyce Appleby Nathalia Francio Cocenza As soon as the Federalists and the Republicans figured out that the America’s future was at risk, they knew it was time for a change. Hope; this is what moved the Republicans towards the creation of a new social order. The election of 1800 was very significant for a couple of reasons; it gave Thomas Jefferson the presidency of the United States, but most importantly, â€Å"the election constitutesRead MoreDBQ Jeffersonian vs. Federalists1223 Words   |  5 Pagesthe termination of the Federalist party. The conflicts were between two parties called the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. The Federalist party was officially started by John Adams. John Adams was also a loose constructionist just like all the other Federalists. Federalists were in favor of a strong central government. On the other side, was Thomas Jefferson who was in office from 1801 to 1809. Jefferson started the Jeffersonian Republican party. The Jeffersonians were strict constructionistsRead MoreA lexander Hamilton Vs. Thomas Jefferson871 Words   |  4 PagesConflicting views and contrasting ideologies have always existed throughout the history of United States politics. Alexander Hamilton, who led Federalist Party, believed that a powerful central government was necessary while Thomas Jefferson, who led the Jeffersonian Republican Party, favored an agrarian nation with most of the power left to the states. Although Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were similar in that they both harbored good intentions and tried to keep the best interests in

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Database Management Systems and the Growth of the Internet...

Recent inventions and technical advancements have changed the appearance and indeed, the entire capability of the internet as most people know it. Many events have contributed to this change, but none so much as the processing method known as Database Management Systems (DBMS). From its birth in the last century, the way computers process information has grown and expanded to a point that would have been hard to imagine for the early programmers. This growth actually spurred on the growth of the telecommunications industry. Carrier systems have grown with the advancing march of computers in general, but the huge amount of data required by DBMS created a need for massive carrier capability and the birth of what we call the internet†¦show more content†¦With guidance from Watson, the concept of a database was created during the 1920’s. IBM and DBMS was literally born out of a spark flamed on by the Bell system (Newton, 2004). About 1930, the Bell System started the data communication revolution by testing various carrier system technologies and releasing a remote calculation device known as the Complex Number Calculator (CHMT, n.d.). While the initial transmissions only carried numeric data, development of alpha numeric coding would open the door to the carrier systems advancements. Clearer circuits were required to allow error free service to the new computing systems. While the Bell System advanced the carrier capability, the data itself became increasingly complex as well. In the early years, the circuits were simple dialed telephone circuits that eventually graduated to dedicated or non-switched connections that let the machines interact directly. â€Å"Claude Shannon’s paper The Mathematical Theory of Communications – showed engineers how to code data so they could check for accuracy after transmission between computers. Shannon identified the bit as the fundamental unit of data and, coincidentally, the basic unit of computation† (Shannon, 1948). The database science grew in leaps and bounds, from the early file systems, to hierarchical and networked architectures, to the first relational style systems like IBM’sShow MoreRelatedDatabase Management System And Growth Of Internet1670 Words   |  7 Pages Database Management System and the growth of Internet I. Executive Summary A. Database management system B. Growth of Internet II. Background A. Database 1. History 2. Creation of database 3. Development 4. Today’s market place B. Internet 1. History 2. Growth of Internet 3. Market position 4. Customers C. Situations 1. Cost Structure 2. Development III. Problems A. Causes B. Nature C. Consequences IV. Solution A. Demand B. Innovation V. Conclusion Database Management systemRead MoreIntrusion Detection System And Prevention System Essay1531 Words   |  7 PagesIntrusion Detection System and Prevention System in Cloud Computing Using Snort I. INTRODUCTION Attacks on the nation’s computer infrastructures are becoming an increasingly serious Problem. Even though the problem is ubiquitous, government agencies are particularly appealing targets and they tend to be more willing to reveal such events than commercial Organizations. This is demonstrated by the cases cited below. While statistics on the growth of attacks provide a more solid basis for justifyingRead MoreBlack Gram Cultivation Using Internet Of Things1639 Words   |  7 PagesBlack gram Cultivation using Internet of Things (IOT) K. Upendra1, B. Adinarayanareddy2, Y. Vasanthi3 Asst.Prof1, KKR KSR Institute of Technology and sciences, Guntur, AP, India. Asst.Prof2, KKR KSR Institute of Technology and sciences, Guntur, AP, India. Asst.Prof3, KKR KSR Institute of Technology and sciences, Guntur, AP, India. Abstract: Black gram is one the good pulses used daily in homes for breakfast in India. In this article we are going to use IOT technology for the cultivation of blackRead MoreThe Evolution Of Database Management System1099 Words   |  5 PagesThe Evolution of DBMS A database management system, also known as DBMS, is a type of software that is used in order to create and manage a multitude of databases. Data is the power that runs most modern businesses. This specific program provides a technique for people to use a â€Å"systematic† way to create, retrieve, update, and manage many diverse types of data. DBMS is used to manage three important things, which is data, database engine, and database schema. These different elements help to provideRead MoreResearch Challenges Within Database Management1644 Words   |  7 Pages Research Challenges in database management in Cloud Prof.Niraja Jain Prof.(Dr).Sarang Joshi University of Pune University of Pune Information Tech. Dept Computer Engineering Dept. AGAwate COEH, Pune PICT , Pune Read MoreDoes Outsourcing Data Uphold The Enterprise?1469 Words   |  6 PagesIn a world of increasing automation, companies and organizations with massive amounts of data to manage often find themselves outsourcing their databases. This particular arrangement depends on many factors, such as trustworthiness and reputation. Each business requires different coverage from the outsource provider as well as different costs requirements. Many providers offer cloud based services, in house managed services, near and offshore and outcome-based consulting. Many companies do not haveRead MoreThe Proliferation and Advances of Computer Networks1317 Words   |  5 Pages Introduction The Proliferation and advances in computer network have led to increase Distributed database system In Distributed Database Different user are connected for accessing the data. In distributed database the data from the single local computer can be transferred or distributed on various computer connected at the same physical location. The Data from the database can be distributed to the multiple physical loacation. It is a powerful technology with great potential toRead MoreProject Plan Essay1563 Words   |  7 Pagesare many opportunities that are forecasted for the growth and success of the company. Currently, the company houses a smaller scale limited information technology infrastructure that has been successfully maintaining the companies technology base. The goals for the company are to expand from one floor to three floors tripling in size. The company has had a significant amount of success and is foreseen to continually grow. Nonetheless, with growth comes redesig ning the company to better fit its needsRead MoreITEC 610 Assingement 1 Essay1438 Words   |  6 Pagesbetween XML and databases ECET610 UMUC Abstract This paper will explore the relationship between XML and databases and the way that they can be leveraged to provide data exchange on the internet. As XML gains popularity as the format for exchanging information via the internet and has become the language of choice for use in database development for Internet use.Introduction XML is a universal data standard and thereby does not need to be translated for use in different database systems. This is veryRead MoreImplementing Multi Core Processors And Database Systems Essay1177 Words   |  5 Pagesintroduction of multi-core processors and database systems. Database management system (DBMS) is a collection of programs that enables you to store, modify, and retrieve information from the database. There are many different types of DBMS, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems that run on mainframes. Database management system is necessary transaction processing and query processing. Today, the parallel database system can run on multi-core platforms. Presented

Preventing Conflict Or Ethical Issues - 1579 Words

Ethics Paper On Preventing Conflict or Ethical Issues between Management and Stockholders Pranav Tuladhar MG670-101Q-Managerial Finance Professor Gracer Yung Monroe College March 27, 2017 PREVENTING CONFLICT OR ETHICAL ISSUES Introduction In the corporations with a huge quantity of workforces the managers are the individuals that accomplish the wealth in the finest concern of the stockholders (Boshkoska, 2015). In such kind of establishments, clash of importance may happen among the managers as well as the stockholders. Having additional data regarding the function of the organization, managers may utilize it in settling on choices for their own advantage, which then again can t be as useful for the shareholders. Irreconcilable†¦show more content†¦Hence, in this ethics paper, it explains and discourses about the approach taken to solve the ethical concerns or conflict among shareholders and firm managers known as agency problem or conflict. Goals and Objectives The foremost intention or goal of this ethics paper is to reply the subsequent questions: †¢ What is the principle of the notion of the organization ethical issue? †¢ What are the procedures that can help to overcome the agency problem? The research or investigation is built on the proposition that the elucidation for the conflict or ethical issue like agency dispute stay in the amalgamation of numerous procedures (Boshkoska, 2015). Understanding the Conflict of interest (Agency problem) In the present day enterprises that are the utmost complex authoritative category, the fiscal investment is partitioned among rather substantial quantity of stakeholders who might be utilized in the organization, additionally lawful elements or potentially individuals might be the proprietors of the organization (Nwidobie, 2013). Inside these substantial companies, the interests of the administrators, shareholders, and leads are interlaced. Because of the way that the quantity of proprietors is huge, the stakeholders who can t be utilized in the meantime,Show MoreRelatedPreventing Conflict And Ethical Issues1596 Words   |  7 Pages A Research Paper: Preventing Conflict or Ethical Issues Student Name Course Title Professor Name University Name March 27, 2017 A Research Paper PREVENTING CONFLICT OR ETHICAL ISSUES Introduction As per the corporative corporation type developed, the two purposes of proprietorship and administration are disconnected. In the corporations with a huge quantity of workforces the supervisors are the individuals that accomplish the wealth in the finest concern of the stockholders (BoshkoskaRead MoreEthics and Accountability in Public Service1697 Words   |  7 Pagesprevention of corruption and conflict of interest. The National Strategy and Programme for Corruption Prevention and Combating in 2004-2008 were adopted by the Latvian government in 2004. These two documents form the national anti-corruption policy of Latvia. This policy has a comprehensive approach to the fight against corruption based on three pillars: prevention of corruption, investigation and education of the public. One of the aims of the programme is to ensure ethical behaviour of public officialsRead MoreEthical And Ethical Dilemmas Of An Ethical Culture That Can Prevent Unethical Behavior Essay1548 Words   |  7 PagesManagement’s role in creating an Ethical culture that can prevent unethical behavior 1 Management’s role in creating an Ethical culture that can prevent unethical behavior. Author: Lereiya Edmonson Martin Class: MGMT 630 In any organization, there are rules and regulations employees must follow for it to run smoothly. Therefore, this paper gives five types of ethical dilemmas that can occur in a work setting, and it will also help you understand ethical dilemmas managers faced when making aRead MoreEthical Dilemmas Of The Workplace1291 Words   |  6 PagesEthical Dilemmas in the Workplace As a manager, you are the role model for staff. You set the standards, adhere to guidelines, and exemplify what you expect staff to model. By doing so, you are establishing and sustaining an organizational culture of ethics and integrity, which is the backbone of all successful endeavors. However, even the best structured organizations face ethical dilemmas in the workplace. It is how management recognizes and addresses these occurrences that will either set themRead MoreEthics Of The American Counseling Association880 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Counseling Association (ACA, 2014) Code of Ethics, ethical principles are based on a set of values that include autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, fidelity, and veracity. These ethics apply to all types of counseling including both group and individual therapy; however, different aspects of these ethical guidelines must be considered based on the therapeutic approach. This paper will identify several of these ethical issues as they relate specifically to group counseling, whileRead MoreThe Ethics Of Group Counseling885 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Counseling Association (ACA, 2014) Code of Ethics, ethical principles are based on a set of values that include autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, fidelity, and veracity. These ethics apply to all types of counseling, including both group and individual therapy; however, different aspects of these ethical guidelines must be considered based on the therapeutic approach. This paper will identify several of these ethical issues as they relate specifically to group counseling, whileRead MorePrinciples And Standards Of Conduct1645 Words   |  7 Pagesall Team Members conduct business in an ethical, equitable, honest, and principled manner at all times. The Company prohibits its Team Members from engaging in any activity, practice, or act that does not conform to the Company’s standard of ethics, as detailed in this section. Team Members are not to engage in, either directly or indirectly, any conduct which is disruptive, in competition with, or damaging to the Company. This policy establishes the ethical standards of conduct and practices whichRead MoreIssues of Ethical Research683 Words   |  3 PagesIssues of Ethical Research The vast majority of ethical dilemmas regarding research and the involvement of human participants is associated with concerns that are decidedly monetary in nature. Of course, the most fundamental concerns for any such research would be to protect the health and the welfare of those human participants (Callahan 1998). This statement becomes particularly true when such a population group pooled for research includes specialty subjects such as elderly people, pregnant womenRead MoreInterventions And Strategies That Can Help The Supervisee s Recognize And Manage Dual Relationships When They Arise1350 Words   |  6 PagesInterventions and strategies that I would be use for preventing dual relationships in supervisory would be to implement a policy that abides by the NASW Code of Ethic, providing training, having mandatory meeting, and continuing educations for the supervisees. The training should consist risk management skills, how to maintain a healthy relationships with supervisees and clients, how to handle boundary violations, and how to make ethical decisions. The clinical should implement a conceptual frameworkRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Stakeholders1162 Words   |  5 Pagesvital for success. The human resources goal is to comply with ethical codes, policies and procedures as well as all state, federal, and national laws. (Company Name) has a reputation for integrity, and this integrity reflects the company’s code of conduct. The human resources is a goal-oriented department committed to making stakeholders interest a priority within the company. Therefore, hiring qualified, employees trained in the ethical codes, polices, and procedures as specified in company goals

Jackie robinson 2 Essay Example For Students

Jackie robinson 2 Essay Robinson, Jackie (1919-72), American athlete and business executive. He was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson in Cairo, Georgia. He attended Pasadena Junior College (now Pasadena City College) in California and the University of California, Los Angeles. As an undergraduate, Robinson excelled in football, basketball, baseball, and track. He left college in 1941 in his junior year and shortly thereafter joined the U. S. Army. Discharged early in 1945 with the rank of first lieutenant, Robinson signed a contract to play professional baseball with the Monarchs, a Kansas City, Missouri, team of the Negro American League. Later in 1945 Robinson signed with Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to play with the minor league Royals in Montral. After one season with the Royals, Robinson joined the Brooklyn team and became the first black to play modern major league baseball. From 1947 to 1956, mostly as a second baseman, Robinson batted . 311 in 1382 games. He was also a daring baserunner. In 1962 Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the first black player so honored. After leaving baseball, Robinson was vice president of a restaurant chain in New York City. From 1964 to 1968 he served as special assistant for civil rights to Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York. Robinson starred in the motion picture The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) and was the author, with Alfred Duckett, of I Never Had It Made (1972) ROBINSON, Jackie (1919-72). The first black player in either of the major baseball leagues was Jackie Robinson. He broke the color barrier in 1947, two years after he was signed by Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Ga., on Jan. 31, 1919. He grew up in Pasadena, Calif. In high school and at Pasadena Junior College he demonstrated great athletic skill in track, basketball, football, and baseball. He continued to excel in sports at the University of California at Los Angeles. He left school in 1941 and was drafted the following year for Army service during World War II. After receiving a medical discharge in 1945, he spent a year playing baseball with the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro National League. His outstanding play brought him to the attention of Rickey, who handpicked him as the man most likely to succeed in overcoming the racism prevalent in the sport. He played the 1946 season with the Montreal Royals, a Dodgers farm club, and led the International League in hitting with a . 349 average. He stole 40 bases and scored 113 runs. When the Dodgers opened their 1947 season, Robinson was playing second base. An immediate success, he led the National League in stolen bases and was named rookie of the year. The chief problem he had to overcome was controlling his fiery temper in the face of continual racial slurs from the crowds and other ball players, including his own teammates. In 1949, with a . 342 average, he was named the most valuable player in the league. He was one of the games best base runners, with a total of 197 stolen bases. The Dodgers won six National League pennants during Robinsons ten playing years. He retired from baseball in 1956 with a lifetime batting average of .311. He was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, the first black player to be so honored. After retirement he became a vice-president of a New York restaurant firm and the president of a land-development company. He also worked with drug-prevention programs. Robinson died suddenly on Oct. 24, 1972, in Stamford, Conn. .